Kenya eTA for Canadian Visitors

The shift in Kenya's visa application method has significantly modernised the procedure. The need to physically visit a Kenyan embassy for a visa or an e-visa has been eliminated, enabling applicants to apply for a Kenyan eTA from their homes conveniently.

Kenya eTA regulations vary based on the applicant's nationality. Certain nationals are privileged with eTA-free entry, whereas others, including Canadians, must secure a proper eTA before travelling to Kenya. This page focuses on the specifics of the Kenyan eTA process for citizens of Canada.

Planning a Trip to Kenya from Canada? Explore your eTA Options.

Kenya has recently implemented a variety of electronic travel authorisations (eTAs) to accommodate the diverse requirements of travellers from Canada. These eTAs are categorised as follows:

The nature of your visit should guide the selection of the most suitable eTA for your journey to Kenya. Each category is specifically designed to facilitate travel following the intended activities during your stay in Kenya.

Canadian Applicants’ Guide to Kenyan eTA Documents

To successfully submit your application for a Kenya eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) online, it is essential to have a comprehensive set of documents prepared in advance. Here is a checklist of the necessary items to ensure a smooth application process:

Canadian Passport Holders Apply for Your Kenya eTA in Simple Steps.

Filling a Kenya Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) application can be a straightforward process when following this step-by-step guide:

What is the Duration of an Authorized Visit to Kenya with an eTA (Canadian Passport)?

The electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) issued for Kenya remains valid for 90 days from the date of issuance. After obtaining authorisation, your stay in Kenya should be at most this 90-day limit.

Are Urgent Kenya eTA Options Available for Canadian Citizens?

Travellers from Canada seeking a rapid way to obtain travel authorisation for Kenya can select the expedited electronic travel authorisation (eTA) process. Although this method has an increased cost, it guarantees a swifter processing time. Usually, the standard Kenyan eTA processing time is approximately three days. In contrast, by opting for this accelerated option, individuals can expect approval of their eTA within one to two days after submitting their application.

Conditions for Canadian Passport Holders to Travel to Kenya Without an eTA

Individuals holding a Canadian passport may find themselves exempt from the necessity of obtaining a Kenya eTA for their travel to Kenya. These exceptions typically encompass:

What is the Fee for Canadians to Obtain a Kenyan eTA?

The cost of acquiring an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) for Kenya can fluctuate depending on the chosen processing speed. These choices encompass the standard option (characterised by a more relaxed pace), the urgent option, and the fastest one, known as 'supercritical.' Each category is associated with a fundamental fee denominated in US dollars and supplementary charges for the various processing stages.

A dedicated online tool has been developed to ensure travellers can access the most current and precise information regarding the fees for Kenya's eTA. This resource is invaluable in delivering the latest fee updates, significantly contributing to simplifying and clarifying the travel planning process.

Expected Wait Time for Canadian Nationals Applying for Kenya eTA

Securing an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is quite efficient for Canadian citizens intending to travel to Kenya. The typical processing period for such requests usually spans about three days. However, it's worth noting that this timeframe may be extended for unexpected issues.

There is a provision for expedited services for individuals needing a quicker processing option. By choosing this alternative, which does entail an additional fee, one can significantly reduce the time required for eTA issuance to approximately 24 to 48 hours.

Steps to Take to Extend a Kenyan eTA As a Canadian Visitor

Understanding the limitations associated with possessing an electronic travel authorisation (eTA) for Kenya is crucial. An important aspect to consider is that eTAs cannot be extended once they expire. Furthermore, suppose you depart from Kenya before the expiration of your eTA. In that case, you must know you will need more time to utilise the exact eTA for future visits. Each time you intend to revisit the country, you must submit a new eTA application.

Can Canadians Obtain an eTA for Kenya Upon Arrival at the Airport?

Travelers from Canada who are considering a trip to Kenya should be aware of the essential requirement for obtaining an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) before their planned visit. It's crucial to emphasise that this authorisation cannot be obtained upon arrival in Kenya and must be arranged well before the travel date.

Are There Any Special Requirements for Canadian “X” Gender Identifier Passports for Kenya eTA?

While the Canadian government has introduced a gender identifier option "X" on passports, it cannot assure unimpeded entry or transit through Kenya. Travelers may encounter entry limitations in countries that do not acknowledge the "X" gender identifier. Before your departure, it is advisable to consult Kenya's nearest diplomatic or consular mission for updated guidance on entry requirements.

Kenya eTA's Visual Identity: Peeling Back the Official Features

Peel back the layers to reveal the defining features that shape the official appearance of Kenya's electronic travel authorization, ensuring authenticity and seamless recognition.

Kenya eTA for Canadian Visitors


If you arrive in Kenya without the required eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization), you may face potential repercussions, including being denied entry, experiencing airport detention, or being fined.

No, the necessity for an eTA is waived if you hold a valid Kenyan visa. However, it's crucial to ensure that your Kenyan visa remains valid for the entire duration of your stay in Kenya.

Yes, you can apply for an eTA even if your passport is nearing its expiration date. Nevertheless, it's essential to note that your granted eTA will only be valid for the remaining validity period of your passport.