Kenya eTA Validity

When planning a trip to Kenya with an eTA, comprehending the timeframe during which your travel authorisation remains valid is crucial. This period defines when you can legally enter Kenya using your eTA. Ensuring that your arrival in Kenya aligns precisely within this specified validity period; arriving too early or too late could lead to complications.

For a detailed understanding of the validity duration for a Kenyan eTA and other pertinent information, refer to the sections below. This resource provides essential insights to help you navigate the requirements and maximize your travel experience.

Understanding the Kenya eTA Validity

Navigating the timeline for a Kenya eTA is crucial for a hassle-free travel experience. The key feature of this eTA is its 3-month validity period. This specific timeframe means that from the moment your eTA is approved, a window of 3 months is available for you to embark on your journey to Kenya. Should this window lapse without entry into Kenya, the eTA loses its validity, necessitating afresh application process.

Therefore, aligning your eTA application with your tentative travel dates to Kenya is wise. The application process requires you to mention your anticipated arrival date. This is not just a formality; it's pivotal in ensuring that your travel permit processing aligns seamlessly with your travel plans. If your expected arrival date is notably in the future, the processing of your application will be strategically paused, resuming closer to your travel date.

In essence, the flexibility of the eTA system allows you to initiate your application as soon as your travel plans to Kenya start taking shape. While it's not mandatory to pinpoint the exact date of arrival, your travel must fall within the 3-month validity window of the eTA. By understanding and adhering to these guidelines, you can ensure a smooth start to your Kenyan adventure.

How Can I Check the Validity of My Kenyan eTA?

When verifying the validity of a Kenyan eTA, travellers should focus on the issuance date marked on the document. The validity period for the Kenya eTA extends from this specified date and remains effective for three months. This window is calculated precisely, starting from the issue date and concluding exactly three months post-issuance.

How long can I stay in Kenya with an eTA?

It's important to distinguish between the validity period of an eTA and the permitted length of stay. The validity of an eTA refers to the timeframe within which you may utilise the travel permit to enter Kenya. In contrast, length of stay is the duration you are allowed to remain in the country after entry.

An eTA enables a stay of up to 90 consecutive days for those visiting Kenya. Notably, the Kenya eTA operates on a single-entry basis. This means the 90 days must be utilised within a single visit.

Be aware that once a traveller exits Kenya, the eTA loses its validity and cannot be used for re-entry. This holiday was only partially used, even if it was an entirely 90-day period. To re-enter Kenya, visitors must secure a new eTA.

Can I Extend my eTA to Kenya?

As of now, you can only extend your eTA to Kenya after its validity period. As mentioned above, you have to re-apply for a Kenya eTA every time you either:

However, since the process is still very new, the Government of Kenya is expected to make specific updates to the eTA system to make it more convenient for travellers. So save this page and check it regularly for any latest updates.


When you obtain a Kenya ETA, it is valid for a single visit. This allows you to stay in the country for up to 90 days, starting from your entry date. Remember, a new ETA application is necessary for each trip to Kenya.

Unfortunately, you cannot extend a Kenya ETA. Its validity is fixed at 90 days from the initial entry date.

Citizens of EAC member states (which include Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda) are exempt from the ETA requirement. Simply presenting a valid passport at the Kenyan border is sufficient.

If you have a valid Kenyan e-visa, applying for an ETA is unnecessary. Your e-visa suffices for entry into Kenya.

Overstaying your Kenya ETA can lead to penalties, such as fines, and may affect your ability to enter Kenya in the future.

ETA applications cannot be processed at Kenyan airports. Applying online before your travel date is essential to avoid entry denial.

Any visa issued before January 1, 2024, remains valid for travel to Kenya. In such cases, applying for an ETA is unnecessary if your visa is still good.