Kenya eTA for Travellers from the Netherlands

Individuals from the Netherlands who are considering a visit to Kenya for brief periods are exempt from the traditional visa application process. However, they must secure an electronic travel authorisation (eTA or eVisa) before they arrive in Kenya. For detailed information on electronic visas, please refer to our dedicated page.

Perfect Kenya eTA for Dutch Passport Holders

Kenya has introduced a range of electronic Travel Authorizations (eTAs) to accommodate the varied travel needs of visitors from The Netherlands. These eTAs are differentiated as follows:

Updated Kenya eTA Requirements for Dutch Travellers Explained.

To smoothly navigate the online application process for the Kenya Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), it is essential to gather and organise all necessary documentation beforehand. Here's a concise guide on the key documents you will need for a straightforward application process:

Step-by-Step Guide to Fill Kenya eTA Application Form for Dutch Citizens

To successfully apply for a Kenyan Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), adhere to these essential steps:

  1. Identifying Your Nationality: Start by accessing the Kenyan eTA online portal. Look for a section titled 'Nationality'. Here, you must select your nationality from a list in a dropdown menu.
  2. eTA Category Selection: The form presents various eTA types. Pick the one that best matches your visit's intent.
  3. Filling in Personal Details: You must enter your full name exactly as it appears on your passport. This includes your given name(s) and family name.
  4. Contact Information: Provide a current email address and contact number. These are important for receiving updates on your application's status.
  5. Date of Birth: Enter your birth date in the format of Day-Month-Year (DD-MM-YYYY). Double-check to ensure it matches your passport details.
  6. Gender Specification: Select your gender from the options provided, which usually include Male, Female, or Other.
  7. Travel Date Specification: Indicate your anticipated arrival date in Kenya using the Day-Month-Year format.
  8. Passport Information: Input vital details from your passport, including its number and issue/expiry dates, in the Day-Month-Year format.
  9. Choice of Processing Duration: Opt for your preferred processing time for the eTA, which typically varies between 3 to 5 business days.
  10. CAPTCHA Verification: As part of the application verification process, complete the CAPTCHA challenge.
  11. Document Uploading: Get ready and upload all necessary documents in PDF format and a photograph in JPG or JPEG format.
  12. Review and Submission: Examine all the information you provided for correctness before submission. Once confident, submit your application using the 'submit' button.
  13. Application Tracking: After submitting, expect a confirmation email. Stay alert to your email for further instructions or updates regarding your Kenyan eTA application.

How Long Does an eTA Permit a Dutch Traveller to Stay in Kenya?

The Kenya Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) remains valid 90 days from its issuance date. During this time, you are allowed to stay in Kenya for up to 90 days under the terms of this authorisation.

Effortless Kenya eTA Guide for Instant Approval to Dutch Travellers

Dutch travellers looking for a fast way to get permission to enter Kenya can use the electronic travel authorisation (eTA) fast-track service. Although this service comes with an extra fee, it offers the advantage of a shorter processing time. Usually, it takes around three days to process a Kenyan eTA through the standard route. However, for those choosing the expedited option, the eTA approval will likely be issued within one to two days after applying.

When Do Dutch NOT Need a Kenya eTA?

Dutch citizens usually need to obtain a Kenya eTA for their travel to Kenya, but there are specific exceptions to this requirement. These exceptions include situations such as:

Easy eTA Guide & Costs for a Dutch Citizen Traveling to Kenya

Obtaining a Kenya Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) involves different pricing tiers based on the urgency of the processing requirement. Applicants can choose from multiple processing speeds: the standard option, which is relatively slower, a more rapid expedited service, and the quickest available, often referred to as 'superfast.' The fees for each service are denominated in US dollars, and additional costs may be incurred at various processing stages.

A dedicated online platform is available for accurate and up-to-date information on the Kenya eTA costs. This platform is essential for accessing the latest data on fees, greatly aiding travel preparation by offering clear and precise details.

Kenya eTA Processing Speeds for Dutch Nationals

Acquiring an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) streamlines the process for Dutch citizens planning a trip to Kenya. Generally, the processing time for such applications is expected to be about three days. However, there can be occasional delays due to unexpected issues. For those requiring expedited processing, there is an option for a faster service. Opting for this service incurs an extra charge but can significantly shorten the eTA processing duration to roughly 24 to 48 hours.

How Can Dutch Passport Holders Legally Extend Their eTA to Kenya?

Understanding the constraints associated with an electronic travel authorisation (eTA) is vital for anyone organising a journey to Kenya. A key point to remember is that once an eTA expires, it's impossible to renew. Moreover, if you leave Kenya before the expiration of your eTA, you'll need to apply afresh for any subsequent trips. For every new trip to Kenya, a separate eTA application is mandatory.

Is There Any Emergency eTA Assistance for Dutch Travellers at Kenyan Airports?

Visitors planning a trip from The Netherlands to Kenya must include a crucial step in their travel preparations: securing an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) before their journey. It is critical to note that this authorisation is not available upon arrival in Kenya and must be arranged before the scheduled travel date.

Decoding Kenya eTA: Spotlight on its Official Visual Elements

Delve into the unique features that characterize the official appearance of Kenya's electronic travel authorization, ensuring its authenticity and promoting easy recognition.

Kenya eTA for Travellers from the Netherlands


Absolutely! Dutch nationals can apply for a Kenya eTA provided they possess a valid Dutch passport.

Indeed, Dutch citizens require an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) for tourism and business trips to Kenya.

Your visa type depends on your activities in Kenya. It could be a student visa, a work permit, or another category. For precise requirements, consult the Kenyan embassy.

This is subject to the transit regulations of your layover country. For accurate information, consult the airline or the country's embassy.

Immediately contact the eTA support team for guidance on the next steps, including reapplying with a new passport.

The cost varies, but expect to spend approximately €1,500-€2,500 per person for a budget-friendly, week-long trip, including travel, lodging, activities, and food.

It's advisable to avoid drinking tap water in Kenya. Opt for bottled or properly purified water from trusted sources.

For courses extending beyond three months, a student visa is typically required. Verify specific requirements with the Kenyan embassy or your educational institution.

No, the eTA fee does not come with discounts or payment alternatives. Consider revising your travel budget or exploring other destinations with different visa policies.

eTA application fees are non-refundable. You must cancel your current application and reapply using the correct payment details.