Kenya eTA for Japanese Travellers

An eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) for Kenya serves as a mandatory entry document for travellers from Japan. This electronic authorisation simplifies the process of entering Kenya for both tourism and business purposes, eliminating the necessity for a conventional visa. This page provides an in-depth look at the Kenya eTA, specifically for Japanese nationals. We'll cover its objectives, the steps involved in applying, who is eligible, the documents needed for the application, and additional vital details.

Which Kenya eTA Variants Are Issued to Japanese Travellers?

Kenya has implemented a variety of electronic travel authorisations (eTAs) to accommodate different types of visitors from Japan. These eTAs are categorised as follows:

The choice of an eTA for Kenya depends on the specific purpose of your visit. Each category is tailored to provide ease of travel that aligns with the visitor's intended activities in Kenya.

Which Japanese Documents Are Required to Apply for an eTA to Kenya?

Having certain critical documents is essential to ensure a seamless experience when applying for your Kenya eTA (electronic travel authorisation) online. This checklist will guide you in preparing effectively:

Preparing these documents beforehand will facilitate a smoother process in applying for your Kenya eTA and help you look forward to your Kenyan journey with confidence and excitement.

What is the Kenya eTA Application Process Mandated for Japanese Citizens?

If you're looking to apply for a Kenya Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), here's a simplified guide to help you through the process:

  1. Selecting Your Nationality: Choose the option from the dropdown menu labelled 'Nationality' on the eTA application page.
  2. Choosing the Right eTA Category: On the Kenya eTA application form, pick the category that best matches the purpose of your trip.
  3. Entering Your Details: Fill in your name (including first, middle [if applicable], and last names) as it appears on your passport.
  4. Providing Contact Information: Include a current email address and phone number to receive important updates about your application.
  5. Entering Your Date of Birth: Use the format Day-Month-Year (DD-MM-YYYY) to join your birth date.
  6. Specifying Your Gender: Choose your gender (Male, Female, or Other) from the provided options.
  7. Providing Travel Details: Mention your expected arrival date in Kenya in Day-Month-Year (DD-MM-YYYY) format.
  8. Input Passport Details: Enter your passport number and its issue and expiration dates using the Day-Month-Year (DD-MM-YYYY) format.
  9. Choosing Processing Time: Opt for a processing time for your eTA, which usually ranges between 3 to 5 working days.
  10. Completing the CAPTCHA: Enter the CAPTCHA code displayed on your screen in the required field.
  11. Finalising and Uploading Documents: Ensure you understand all instructions and have all necessary documents in PDF format and a photograph in JPG/JPEG format ready for upload.
  12. Reviewing and Submitting Your Application: Double-check all the details for accuracy, then submit your application by clicking the ‘submit’ button.
  13. Post-Submission Steps: After submission, you'll receive a confirmation email. Keep an eye on your email for any additional instructions or updates regarding your eTA status.

How Long is a Kenya eTA Valid for Japanese Passport Holders?

Your electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) for Kenya will stay valid for 90 days from its issuance date. Upon approval, your stay in Kenya is restricted to a maximum of 90 days.

As a Japanese Traveller, Can I Apply for an Urgent Kenyan eTA?

Japanese travellers who require quick passage to Kenya can opt for a speedier electronic travel authorisation (eTA). Though more costly, this expedited option guarantees a more rapid processing time. Typically, it takes about three days to process a standard eTA for Kenya. However, with this faster service, applicants can expect to receive their eTA in just one to two days after submitting their application.

Categories of Japanese Citizens Who Are Exempted from Obtaining Kenyan eTAs

In some instances, people holding a Japanese passport might not need a Kenya eTA for travel to Kenya. These exceptions usually include:

How Much Does a Kenya eTA Cost in Japanese Yen?

The cost of acquiring a Kenya Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) depends on the chosen processing time. There are three tiers: standard, the slowest; urgent; and supercritical, the fastest option. Each tier has a fixed starting price in US dollars, and extra charges are added for processing.

A dedicated tool has been created to keep up with the regular changes in these fees. It provides the most current and accurate information on the Kenya eTA application fees. This tool aids in making the travel preparation process more transparent and streamlined.

What is the Kenya eTA Processing Time for Japanese Applicants?

Acquiring an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) for Japanese citizens seeking to travel to Kenya is usually quick. Typically, the processing time for these applications is approximately three days. However, this period may be extended if unexpected issues arise.

There's an option for accelerated service for Japanese people needing quicker processing. This fast-track option, which comes with an extra fee, can reduce the waiting time for the eTA to about 24 to 48 hours.

Do Japanese Passport Holders Have the Option for Kenya eTA Extension?

Holding an eTA (electronic travel authorisation) for Kenya has specific limitations. One crucial aspect to remember is that once this eTA expires, you cannot extend its validity. Furthermore, should you leave Kenya before your eTA runs out, be aware that this exact eTA won't be valid for future visits; a new application will be necessary for re-entry.

Availability of Kenya eTA on Arrival for Japanese Citizens

Travellers from Japan should be aware that when planning a trip to Kenya, they cannot obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) upon arrival. They need to arrange this authorisation in advance of their journey.

Specific Guidelines for Japanese Applying for a Kenyan eTA

Here are some specific guidelines for Japanese travellers who want to apply for Kenya eTA:

Exploring the Official Features: Kenya eTA's Visual Identity Revealed

Discover the unique features that define the official appearance of Kenya's eTA, ensuring authenticity and recognition in the realm of electronic travel authorization.

Kenya eTA for Japanese Travellers


The processing time for a Kenya eTA typically ranges from 3 to 5 business days. However, submitting your application well before your planned trip is advisable. Keep an eye on the official eTA website for any updates regarding processing timelines.

If your application for a Kenya eTA is unsuccessful, you will receive a notification via email. Following this, you can contest the decision and file an appeal.

With a Kenya eTA, you can stay in Kenya for up to 90 days, exclusively for tourism-related activities. It's important to note that this eTA does not grant the holder the right to undertake employment or academic pursuits in Kenya.

Japanese travellers must not show proof of yellow fever vaccination when applying for a Kenya eTA. However, consulting with your healthcare provider or a travel health clinic is recommended to determine if you should consider other vaccinations for your trip.

If your Kenya eTA is lost, you can conveniently reprint it from the confirmation email you received or download it from the official eTA website.