Kenya eTA for Singaporean Citizens

Singaporeans can obtain their electronic travel authorisation (eTA) for Kenya through an online system. This eTA streamlines their entry into Kenya, primarily catering to short stays, typically up to three months, and remains valid for 90 days.

The application process for the Kenyan eTA is entirely online, eliminating the need for Singaporean travellers to be physically present. During this process, applicants must provide various essential documents. Information regarding specific exemptions or special conditions about the Kenyan eTA requirements is also available online.

Different Kenyan eTAS Available for Singaporean Nationals

Kenya has recently launched a diverse collection of electronic Travel Authorizations (eTAs) designed specifically for travellers from Singapore, tailored to meet various travel purposes:

What does Kenya require from Singaporean Travellers During the eTA Application Process?

For a successful application for the Kenya Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) via the online platform, it is crucial to prepare and collect all required documents in advance. These documents are vital for ensuring a hassle-free application process. The key documents include:

Kenya eTA Application Form Filling Process for Singaporeans

To ensure a hassle-free process when applying for a Kenyan Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), consider the following steps:

For How Long Will a Kenyan eTA Be Valid for Singaporeans?

The eTA issued for Kenya is valid for three months from its publication date. Within this timeframe, the individual in possession of the eTA is permitted to remain in Kenya for up to three months, adhering to the specified conditions.

Singaporean Nationals and How Can They Obtain an Urgent Kenya eTA?

Travellers from Singapore seeking expedited entry into Kenya can use the speedy electronic travel authorisation. This, although expensive, provides the benefit of reduced processing times. Typically, obtaining a Kenyan eTA can take as long as three days. Nonetheless, for those opting for the fast-track service, the approval of their eTA can be expected within just one to two days following. Singaporeans Travel to Kenya Without an eTA.

Citizens of Singapore typically require an eTA (Electronic Travel Authority) for travel to Kenya, but there are notable exceptions. These exemptions include:

Kenya eTA and Its Cost for Singaporean Passport Holders

Kenya's eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) adopts a structured pricing model dependent on processing speed. It offers standard service, which takes more time, a faster-expedited option, and the swiftest choice, commonly called 'superfast.' The fees for each category are set in US dollars, and applicants may encounter additional expenses during various application stages.

There is a specific online portal for the most current and precise details regarding Kenya eTA fees. This website is crucial for individuals planning to travel to Kenya, as it provides updated information on the costs of obtaining the eTA.

In How Many Days is a Singaporean Request for Kenya eTA Approved?

Obtaining an eTA simplifies the travel preparations for tourists from Singapore heading to Kenya. Typically, these applications are processed within three days, although unforeseen hold-ups can occur. For travellers needing quicker processing, an expedited service is available at an additional cost. This option reduces the processing time for the eTA to approximately 24 to 48 hours.

How Can Singaporeans Extend Their Kenya eTA Stay Duration?

Understanding the intricacies of Kenya's electronic travel authorisation (eTA) system is vital for those planning to visit the country. It's important to note that once an eTA expires, it cannot be renewed. Should you exit Kenya while your eTA remains valid, you must obtain a new eTA for each future journey. A unique eTA is mandatory for each visit to Kenya.

Can I Apply for an eTA on Arrival in Kenya with My Singaporean Passport?

For those organising a journey from Singapore to Kenya, it's essential to be aware of a vital travel prerequisite: obtaining an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) beforehand. This authorisation is unavailable upon landing in Kenya, so it is necessary to arrange it before the scheduled travel date.

Any Travel Advice for Singaporeans Going to Kenya for the First Time?

Here is some important travel advice for Singaporean passport holders who are going to Kenya for the first time:

Revealing Kenya eTA: Understanding its Official Visual Characteristics

Uncover the specific visual traits that distinguish the official appearance of Kenya's electronic travel authorization, guaranteeing its authenticity and enhancing recognition.

Kenya eTA for Singaporean Citizens


Yes, Singaporean citizens are required to obtain a Kenya Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) when planning to visit Kenya. This authorization allows them to apply for a tourist visa online.

A valid passport is mandatory for Singaporean citizens to enter and exit Kenya. Additionally, it's important to note that the passport should have a minimum validity of 6 months.

Singaporean citizens can travel to Kenya. However, they must obtain the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) to ensure a smooth entry into the country.

The maximum stay in Kenya with an online eTA is three months. Singaporean citizens are advised to leave the country within three months from their arrival date.

The Kenya tourist eTA is typically valid for 90 days.