Kenya eTA for Spanish Citizens

Kenya, a country in Africa renowned for its stunning natural beauty and diverse wildlife, is a destination that often captures the hearts of travellers. This allure is powerful for those interested in exploring its rich cultural heritage. There's a convenient update regarding travel documentation for Spanish nationals planning a visit: the necessity for a physical eTA is no longer a concern.

Spanish travellers now have the option to apply for an electronic eTA, streamlining the process of securing travel documents to Kenya. The website offers support in navigating the application process, helping to expedite the acquisition of the necessary travel papers.

The online application system is designed for efficiency, ensuring a quick and hassle-free experience. Continue reading to gain further insights into the eTA process for Kenya, explicitly tailored for Spanish citizens.

Travelling to Kenya with a Spanish Passport? Your eTAS Explained

Recently, Kenya has introduced a variety of electronic Travel Authorizations (eTAs) to accommodate Spanish visitors with different travel needs. These eTAs are organised into distinct categories:

Choosing the eTA category that best matches your travel purpose when planning a trip to Kenya is essential. Each type is carefully tailored to ensure a smooth travel experience suited to your specific activities in Kenya.

Get Your Kenya eTA Now: Updated Requirements for Spanish Passport Holders.

For a smooth and successful application for the Kenya Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) via the online platform, preparing and organising all necessary documents beforehand is essential. Here's an overview of the critical documents you'll need to ensure your application goes smoothly:

How Can Spanish Citizens Apply for Kenya eTA in Minutes?

To apply for a Kenyan eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) effectively, follow these streamlined steps:

  1. Choose Nationality: Navigate to the Kenyan eTA application website and select your nationality from the dropdown under 'Nationality'.
  2. Select the Right eTA Type: On the form, choose the eTA category that best fits your travel purpose.
  3. Enter Your Full Name: Type in your full name exactly as it appears on your passport, including your first, middle (if you have one), and last names.
  4. Contact Details: Provide a current email address and phone number to receive essential notifications about your application.
  5. Date of Birth: Fill in your birth date in the format Day-Month-Year (DD-MM-YYYY), ensuring it matches your passport details.
  6. Gender Specification: Indicate your gender from the given choices (Male, Female, or Other).
  7. Travel Dates: Include your expected arrival date in Kenya using the Day-Month-Year (DD-MM-YYYY) format.
  8. Passport Information: Input details from your passport, such as the passport number, issuance date, and expiry date, in the Day-Month-Year (DD-MM-YYYY) format.
  9. Processing Time Selection: Opt for a processing time for your eTA, usually between 3 to 5 working days.
  10. CAPTCHA Verification: Complete the CAPTCHA challenge to validate your application.
  11. Document Upload: Prepare all necessary documents in PDF format and a photo in JPG/JPEG format for upload.
  12. Application Review and Submission: Carefully review all entered details for accuracy, then submit your application by clicking the 'submit' button.
  13. Application Tracking: After submission, wait for a confirmation email. Regularly check your email for further instructions or updates regarding your eTA application.

Kenya eTA Requirements and Maximum Stay for Spanish Citizens

Kenya's eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) remains valid for 90 days starting from the issue date. Once you have this authorisation, you can stay in Kenya for up to 90 days.

Get Approved Fast: A Guide to Kenyan eTAs for Spanish Travellers

Spanish travellers looking for a fast way to get permission to travel to Kenya might consider the quicker electronic travel authorisation (eTA) option. This method comes with a higher fee but offers the advantage of a faster processing time. Usually, it takes around three days to process a standard Kenyan eTA. However, for those choosing the quicker service, approval of their eTA can be expected within one to two days following their application submission.

Exceptional Cases for Spanish Citizens Regarding Kenya's eTA Visa Waiver

Spanish citizens typically do not enjoy an exemption from the need to secure a Kenya eTA for their travel to Kenya. This exemption is generally applicable in the following situations:

Breakdown of the Kenya eTA Application Fee for Spaniards Visiting Kenya

The price for obtaining a Kenya Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) varies with the chosen processing time. This includes an essential, relatively slower service, a quicker expedited service, and the most rapid, often termed 'superfast.' Each option carries its own cost in US dollars, with additional fees for different processing phases.

A dedicated online portal is available to provide accurate and up-to-date information about the Kenya eTA fees. This portal is essential for offering the latest updates on fees, greatly aiding in making travel arrangements more straightforward and clear.

Kenya eTA Wait Times for Spanish Citizens.

Obtaining an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) offers a streamlined process for Spanish travellers planning a trip to Kenya. Usually, it takes about three days to process these applications, although sometimes unexpected issues can cause slight postponements. For those requiring faster processing, there is an option for expedited service. Opting for this, albeit at an extra cost, may shorten the eTA processing period to roughly 24 to 48 hours.

Do Kenyans Allow eTA Extension for Spanish Tourists?

Knowing the constraints of having an electronic travel authorisation (eTA) for visiting Kenya is essential. A key point to remember is that once an eTA expires, it is not eligible for renewal. Furthermore, should you leave Kenya before the expiration of your eTA, it's necessary to understand that a new eTA will be required for subsequent visits. For every trip to Kenya, a fresh eTA application needs to be filed.

Urgent Kenya eTA Options for Spaniards Arriving at the Airport

Individuals planning a trip from Spain to Kenya must be aware of an essential component of their travel preparations: securing an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) before their departure. It is crucial to note that this authorisation is unavailable on arrival in Kenya and should be arranged before the intended travel date.

Kenya eTA Unveiled: A Showcase of its Official Visual Traits

Witness the showcase of specific visual traits that define the official appearance of Kenya's electronic travel authorization, ensuring authenticity and easy recognition.

Kenya eTA for Spanish Citizens


Spanish nationals are not required to have a conventional visa for Kenya. Instead, they must obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA).

The eTA allows for a single visit of up to 90 days. You must apply for a standard visa to extend your stay beyond this period.

Pregnant travelers should be prepared to submit a medical letter verifying their pregnancy. It's advisable to consult the Kenyan embassy or consulate for detailed requirements.

For the eTA application, use the Spanish passport you plan to use to travel to Kenya.

A valid Spanish passport is mandatory for the eTA application. An ID card is not acceptable.

The application for a Kenyan eTA requires a valid Spanish passport. There needs to be more than a temporary residency card.