Kenya eTA for Russian Travellers

Citizens of Russia can obtain their electronic travel authorisation for Kenya through an online application process. This electronic authorisation facilitates travel to Kenya for Russian nationals. This type of travel permit typically grants a brief stay, usually up to three months, and it remains valid for 90 days. 

The applicant's presence is optional when applying for this online eTA for Kenya. The application process necessitates a few essential documents. Information regarding exemptions for the Kenya eTA is also available.

Kenyan eTAs That Are Issued to Russian Citizens

Kenya has recently launched a series of electronic Travel Authorizations (eTAs) tailored to meet the diverse travel requirements of visitors from Russia. These eTAs are categorised as follows:

Kenya’s Latest eTA Requirements for Russian Passport Holders

To complete the Kenya Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) online application, preparing and organising all required documents in advance is crucial. Here is a brief overview of the essential documents needed for a seamless application:

The Ultimate Kenyan eTA Application Process Guide for Russians

To effectively navigate the process of acquiring a Kenyan Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), it's crucial to follow these key steps:

How Long Can Russian Travellers Stay in Kenya With an eTA?

The eTA for Kenya maintains its validity for 90 days from its date. Within this timeframe, the authorisation permits a stay of up to 90 days in Kenya, adhering to the conditions specified.

How Can Russians Secure Their eTA to Kenya Quickly?

Travellers from Russia seeking a swift way to enter Kenya can utilise the expedited electronic travel authorisation (eTA) service. This service, albeit at an additional cost, provides the benefit of reduced processing times. Obtaining a Kenyan eTA via the regular process can take approximately three days. In contrast, opting for the fast-track service can result in receiving eTA approval in just one to two days following the application.

When Can Russian Travellers Skip Kenya’s eTA?

Most Russian nationals must acquire a Kenya eTA for their travels to Kenya. However, specific individuals are exempt from this rule. The exemptions apply to:

How Much Do Russians Have to Pay to Obtain a Kenyan eTA?

The pricing structure for Kenya's Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) varies, reflecting the different processing times offered. Travellers can choose a standard service, which takes longer, a faster-expedited option, and the fastest tier, commonly known as 'superfast.' The charges for each of these services are set in US dollars, and additional expenses may be encountered during different stages of the process.

There's a specific online portal available for the most current and reliable information regarding the cost of Kenya's eTA. This resource is crucial for those planning to travel, as it provides updated and exact details about the various fees involved.

In How Much Time Do Russians Get Their Kenya eTA?

Obtaining an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) simplifies the travel preparations for individuals from Russia who wish to visit Kenya. Typically, these applications are processed within approximately three days. Nonetheless, there might be rare delays due to unforeseen circumstances. A speedier alternative is available for travellers needing quicker processing, albeit at an additional cost. This expedited service can reduce the eTA processing time to about 24 to 48 hours.

How Can Russian Travellers Extend Their Kenya eTA While Travelling?

Understanding the intricacies of electronic travel authorisation (eTA) is essential for those planning to travel to Kenya. It's important to note that eTAs cannot be renewed once they have expired. Furthermore, should you depart Kenya before the eTA's expiry, you must obtain a new one for future visits. Essentially, each journey to Kenya necessitates a distinct eTA application.

Is eTA on Arrival Available for Passport Holders from Russia?

Travellers arranging a journey from Russia to Kenya should remember an essential part of their travel checklist: obtaining an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) ahead of their trip. Knowing that this authorisation cannot be obtained upon arrival in Kenya and must be secured before the planned travel date is critical.

The Face of Kenya eTA: Showcasing its Official Visual Traits

Highlighting the unique features that constitute the official appearance of Kenya's electronic travel authorization, ensuring authenticity and promoting easy recognition.

Kenya eTA for Russian Travellers


eTA processing times can vary significantly. If you have not received your eTA within ten business days, we recommend reaching out for an update. You can do this by contacting us via our website or our customer service line.

Travellers arriving in Kenya with a valid eTA will be permitted entry. To avoid such inconveniences, ensuring that your eTA is approved before your journey is crucial.

Recent reports indicate processing delays for Russian citizens, especially during busy travel. We advise applying for your eTA well before your intended travel date to minimize the risk of any travel disruptions.