Kenya eTA Frequently Asked Questions

Gaining an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) for entry into Kenya has become a practical choice for travellers. This guide is crafted especially for those planning a trip to the scenic landscapes of Kenya. 

It outlines the straightforward and user-friendly online process for obtaining your ETA, highlighting the convenience of managing it from your home. Read on to learn more about this smooth and efficient procedure.

Who is Required to Secure an eTA?

Every international visitor, except nationals from EAC Member Countries (such as Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Uganda, and Tanzania), is mandated to acquire an eTA. It's essential to process applications through the designated government portal, as applications made through third-party services are not accepted. For minors under 18, the application must be completed by a parent or an adult travelling with them.

Is it Necessary for Children or Infants to have an eTA?

Indeed, all international travellers, regardless of age, including infants and children, must have an eTA. Families are advised to submit their applications collectively.

What Details are Required for the eTA Application?

Are there any Photo or Passport Copy Requirements to Apply for a Kenya eTA?

For your online Kenya visa application, including specific types of photographs and passport page copies is crucial. Here's a breakdown of what you need:

Photo for the Application:

For an example of an acceptable photo, refer to the Kenya ETA Photo requirement.

Copy of Passport Page:

What is the Standard Processing Time for a Kenya eTA?

The Kenya eTA offers a Standard Processing option for about three working days. It is ideal for those needing a reliable processing time without an expedited service.

How Long Does it Take to Process an eTA Application?

The application process for a Kenya eTA is swift and efficient, typically taking less than 7 minutes. You must complete the application form, and we will manage the rest.

Does Obtaining an eTA Ensure I Can Travel to Kenya?

Obtaining an eTA allows you to travel to Kenya, but there are other entry guarantees. Travellers must have all necessary documents, like a valid passport and boarding pass, to be allowed to board.

How Long Will My Data Be Kept After Applying?

For details on the duration of data storage post-application, please refer to the Kenyan Government’s Privacy Policy.

What are the Steps to Apply for a Kenya eTA?

Applying for a Kenya eTA is straightforward. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit our website. To access our eTA to Kenya website
  2. Click the Kenya eTA Application Form and follow the instructions.
  3. Enter your data accurately.
  4. Apply.
  5. You'll receive an email confirming the receipt of your application.
  6. If needed, you'll get a payment receipt via email.
  7. An immigration officer will review your application and decide.
  8. If approved, you'll receive an email. Make sure to print or download the eTA for travel.

How can I find out the Current Status of my eTA application?

To track the progress of your eTA application, simply visit the Kenya eTA Statuspage. Use the application ID you received in your confirmation email, along with your passport number, to access your application status. It's essential to wait for an update and avoid reapplying immediately.

What Happens Once I've Completed My Kenya eTA Application?

After successfully submitting your Kenya eTA application, the next step is to wait for your eTA to be processed and sent via email. This convenient process eliminates the need for direct embassy visits, as we manage the entire procedure on your behalf, saving you time and effort.

What Does a Kenya eTA look like?

A reference image has been attached below to give you an idea of how a Kenya eTA would look like after you receive it on your registered email address:

Kenya eTA Look

What Should I Do If I Make a Mistake on My Application?

If you notice an error in your online application, immediately contact our customer service team using the online chat feature. Remember, changes cannot be made to applications linked to your passport number. A new application is required in such cases, but we do not charge an additional service fee.

What Happens If My Payment Is Declined?

Ensure you use a valid credit or debit card for payments, as we do not accept checks or cash. If your payment is unsuccessful, please verify that you have sufficient funds and attempt the payment again after a short wait.

How Early Should I Apply for an eTA?

We recommend applying at least ten working days before your travel date. Although the eTA is usually processed within three business days, in some cases, it might take a little longer. However, consider using our premium service for expedited assistance if you need faster processing.

Can I Apply for an eTA Before Finalizing My Travel Plans?

You should apply for an eTA only after booking your transport and accommodation, as the application requires specific travel information.

What Steps Should I Take If My eTA Application Is Rejected?

In the event of an eTA application rejection, you cannot travel at that time. Please reach out to our support team for detailed information and further guidance.

How Secure Is My Credit Card Information with the eTA System?

The Kenya eTA system fully complies with PCI standards, encrypting all data transmissions. We do not store credit card or payment information and use for a highly secure payment processing experience.

What Are the Government's Measures for eTA Data Privacy?

The Republic of Kenya prioritises the protection of applicant data. Detailed information on these measures is available in the Government's Privacy Policy.

How Do I Track My eTA Application Status?

To monitor the progress of your eTA application, please visit the Kenya eTA Status Check. You'll receive a confirmation email with a reference number shortly after submitting your application. Use this number to track your application. Refrain from reapplying immediately for travel authorisation.

Is an eTA Mandatory for Somali Citizens?

Yes, Somali citizens, like all foreign visitors, must obtain an eTA unless they possess valid Kenyan Permanent Residence, Work Permits, or Passes.

Do I Need a New eTA for Multiple Entries in Kenya?

Generally, an eTA allows for a single entry. However, it's valid for multiple entries if you visit EAC Partner States (Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda), don't travel to other countries, and your eTA is within its 90-day validity.

Are Diplomatic Passport Holders Exempt from eTA?

Individuals on diplomatic missions or working with international organisations accredited in Kenya do not need to apply for an eTA.

Is Kenya Visa-Free Now?

Kenya requires all travellers to obtain an eTA despite the absence of visa requirements. The eTA should be completed up to 90 days before your travel.

Is the eTA Application Platform Currently Operational?

Yes, the eTA application system is active and accepting applications.

I Have a Valid eVisa. Do I Need an eTA as Well?

If you possess a valid eVisa issued by Kenya, an additional eTA is optional.

Should I Apply for an eVISA if I Have an eTA?

If you already have a valid eTA, applying for an eVISA is unnecessary.

Is an eTA Required for Airline Crew Members?

Crew members with valid GENDEC or flight manifests for their journey are exempt from the eTA requirement.

Do Transit Passengers Need an eTA?

Transit passengers not leaving the airport in Kenya do not need to apply for an eTA.

Do Foreign Citizens with a Kenyan Spouse Need an eTA?

Yes, foreign citizens, irrespective of marital status with Kenyan nationals, must apply for an eTA unless they have valid Kenyan Permanent Residence, Work Permits, or Passes.

What Should I Do If My Flight Isn't Listed in the Application Platform?

If your flight is not listed, select "Charter or Other Airline" and enter the last four digits of your flight number.