Privacy Policy

At our website, portal, or software, transparency is a core value in our approach to handling user information. We are committed to providing clarity and honesty regarding the collection, utilization, and sharing of personal information. When we mention 'personal information,' we are referring to any data that can identify an individual, either independently or when combined with other information.

We commit to utilizing your personal information solely for the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy, and we are devoted to ensuring the protection of all user data. Your use of our website, portal, or software implies your agreement with this Privacy Policy and its associated terms.

Varieties of personal data gathered by us:

The information below illustrates the various categories of personal data that our website, portal, or software might collect, serving diverse purposes:

Information you share about yourself

In order for the government to assess and make a determination regarding the approval or denial of a visa application, it is essential for us to gather various personal details. Applicants share this information with us by inputting it into an online form.

We gather various forms of personal data from users, encompassing details like their complete name, residence, birthdate, travel itinerary (comprising addresses, dates, and times), and passport particulars. Additionally, we may collect sensitive information, including but not limited to gender, ethnicity, religious affiliations, health-related details, information on sexual health, criminal record, family background, and genetic information.

Required Documents

Occasionally, we may require specific documentation essential for the processing of visa applications. The requested documents may encompass a variety of types, including but not limited to: identification cards, passports, resident cards, birth certificates, bank statements, letters of invitation, and parental authorization letters (pertaining to minors).

Information about the device

We gather data related to the devices individuals utilize to access our website, portal, or software, encompassing laptops, mobile devices, and tablets. Information collected includes details like IP addresses, browser types, operating systems, and geographical locations. Additionally, we collect insights into the behaviors and preferences of our users, tracking metrics such as their duration of engagement and frequency of visits.

How we utilize your personal information:

We employ the gathered information in various ways linked to the specific services we provide. The data collected from users may be utilized for the following purposes:

To facilitate the processing of your visa application, we require the necessary documents for document processing or Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA).

We utilize the details supplied by applicants through our online form to facilitate the processing of their visa applications. The information furnished is then shared with the pertinent authorities to enable them to assess and make decisions regarding the approval or denial of the visa request.

To communicate with you

We utilize the gathered information to establish effective communication with you. This involves responding to your emails, addressing your inquiries, managing your requests, and sending email notifications regarding the status of visa applications.

Enhancing our Website and Services

We employ diverse programs to analyze the data we gather, aiming to enhance the overall experience for our online users. This information is utilized to improve not only the quality of the services we provide but also the functionality and user experience of our website.

To comply with the laws and regulations

Our website, portal, or software might be required to disclose users' personal information in adherence to diverse legal requirements, which could arise during legal proceedings, investigations, or audits.

Additional Intentions

Your information might be utilized for additional purposes, including but not limited to confirming adherence to our Terms and Conditions and Cookie Policy, enhancing security protocols, or contributing to the prevention of fraudulent activities.

How the sharing of your personal information is managed

Your personal information remains confidential, and we refrain from sharing it with third parties unless under the following circumstances:

Our Independence from Government Affiliation:

We transmit the details submitted in your online application along with the provided documentation to the government for the purpose of processing your visa request. This information is essential for the government to assess and make decisions regarding the approval or denial of your visa application.

In collaboration with external service providers

our website, portal or software uses third-party service providers to carry out specific tasks. These types of services include: processing credit or debit card payments, providing advertisements, sending and receiving emails, and analyzing information such as user habits and preferences. We only share the information which is necessary for the service providers to carry out their functions.

In collaboration with our partner companies

As a multinational enterprise with a presence in multiple countries, we engage in collaborative partnerships with various affiliate companies. Information is exchanged among our affiliate entities, and data transfers may occur between our internal offices for operational purposes.

For legal purposes

When compelled by applicable laws or regulations, whether within or outside the user's country of residence, we may disclose personal information to the relevant authorities.

Our website, portal, or software might find it necessary to reveal personal information under various conditions. These may include complying with legal procedures, responding to requests from public authorities and officials, enforcing our Terms and Conditions or policies, safeguarding the operations of both our entity and affiliates, ensuring the protection of our privacy, rights, or safety, enabling the pursuit of legal remedies, or mitigating potential civil damages.

Handling and removing your personal information

Feel free to reach out to us anytime for the removal of your personal data. Additionally, you have the option to request an electronic copy of all the personal information that we have gathered pertaining to you.

Protection and Storage of Personal Information

We employ robust security measures, including password protection, firewalls, and physical security, to safeguard personal information stored on our servers. Utilizing high-security protocols, we aim to prevent any potential loss, theft, misuse, or alteration of personal data. The retention period for personal data is three years, after which it is automatically deleted, ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations. It is important for users to recognize that the responsibility for ensuring the security of information sent via the internet does not lie with our website, portal, or software.

Modifications to this Privacy Policy

The website, portal, or software reserves the authority to modify this Privacy Policy without providing advance notice to users. Any alterations to this Privacy Policy will become effective immediately upon publication.

The user bears the responsibility of staying informed about the Privacy Policy terms at the time of purchasing services or products from our website, portal, or software.

Websites Not Owned or Operated by Us

Our website, portal, or software might include links to external websites that are not under our operation. We disclaim responsibility for the privacy policies or any other practices of these linked third-party websites. It is advised that you thoroughly examine the privacy policies of all third-party sites before divulging any personal information.

Data concerning children

In accordance with our Terms and Conditions, parents and guardians explicitly grant consent for the collection and utilization of minors' data by submitting their information through the online form. Our data collection and usage practices regarding children are solely dedicated to the processing of visa applications and the provision of associated services.

Our identity and ways to get in touch with us

The website, portal, or software is the property of, a privately-owned company specializing in online visa application/ETA/travel document processing services and support. We assist travelers in acquiring visas, ETA/travel documents forms, and processing services from governments, offering expert help, guidance, and comprehensive assistance.