Kenya eTA for German Citizens

The electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) system is a convenient digital process designed for German travellers wishing to visit Kenya. This streamlined method simplifies the acquisition of a travel authorisation. To initiate the application, individuals from Germany must have their passports and other documents. The procedure involves completing an electronic form, submitting a specified fee, and awaiting the issuance of the travel authorisation via email, typically within a few days. This authorisation grants a single entry into Kenya and is generally valid for up to 90 days.

German nationals planning trips to Kenya for tourism, business, or medical purposes will find the eTA system notably more user-friendly than traditional visa application methods. This online approach eliminates the need to physically visit an embassy or consulate, allowing the entire process to be handled conveniently through a computer or mobile device.

Types of Kenya eTAs Offered to German Citizens

Here's a breakdown of how the Kenyan government categorises electronic travel authorisations (eTAs) for various visitor categories from Germany:

In essence, your travel motive to Kenya dictates the type of eTA you need, with each category specifically tailored to facilitate your journey's purpose.

Documents to be Submitted by Germans for a Kenyan eTA

To efficiently and effectively process your application for a Kenya electronic travel authorisation (eTA) via an online platform, it's essential to be prepared with critical documents. Follow this straightforward checklist to ensure you're ready:

These documents and information will streamline your eTA application process, allowing you to anticipate your Kenyan adventure with ease and peace of mind.

Kenya eTA Application Process for German Passport Holders

To obtain a Kenya Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), simply follow these straightforward procedures:

What is the Validity of eTA to Kenya for A German National?

The eTA you've obtained for Kenya remains valid for ninety days starting from the date it was issued. Once it receives approval, you can reside in Kenya for a maximum of ninety days.

How Should Germans Apply for an Urgent eTA to Kenya?

For German nationals needing to travel to Kenya on short notice, an expedited electronic travel authorization (eTA) is available. Their applications can be processed rapidly by choosing to pay an additional fee. Under normal circumstances, acquiring a standard eTA for Kenya generally takes around three days. However, selecting the expedited service allows travelers to obtain their eTA within one to two days following the submission of their application.

Which German Citizens Are Exempted from Obtaining a Kenyan eTA?

Specific individuals holding a German passport are exempt from acquiring a Kenya eTA for their visit to Kenya. These exemptions include:

What is the Cost of Kenya’s eTA Application in Euros?

The pricing for obtaining an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) for Kenya varies based on the processing urgency. Options include standard processing, which is the most leisurely pace, and urgent and supercritical, the quickest option. The initial fee for each tier is set in U.S. dollars and increases with additional processing charges.

Given that these rates are subject to change, a specialised tool has been developed to provide up-to-date and precise information on the eTA application fees. This innovative resource ensures access to the latest fee structure, facilitating a more informed and transparent travel planning process.

How Much Time Does it Take to Process a German eTA Application for Kenya?

Obtaining an electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) for Kenya is generally a swift procedure for Germans. The standard processing time for the application is around three days. Nonetheless, there can be occasions where the process may extend slightly due to unforeseen complications. For Germans requiring expedited processing of their eTA, there is an option for a quicker service, typically within 24 to 48 hours. However, this comes with an additional charge for the expedited processing.

How Can German Passport Holders Extend Their Kenya eTA?

Holding a Kenya electronic travel authorisation (eTA) comes with specific limitations. Once this authorisation expires, it is not eligible for an extension. Furthermore, if you exit Kenya before the expiration of your eTA, be aware that it cannot be reused for subsequent entries.

What is the Process of Obtaining a Kenya eTA on Arrival for Germans?

For individuals originating from Germany and travelling to Kenya, it's important to note that obtaining an electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) upon arrival is not an option.

Unwrapping Kenya eTA: Spotting its Official Visual Features

Spotlighting the unique characteristics that outline the official appearance of Kenya's electronic travel authorization, ensuring authenticity and fostering quick recognition.

Kenya eTA for German Citizens


Yes, German nationals must obtain Kenya Electronic Travel Authorization before travelling to Kenya. This can be done online for tourism, visiting family/friends, business/conference/meeting, and diplomatic purposes.

German citizens must have a valid passport with at least six months of validity remaining for both entry and exit from Kenya.

Yes, German nationals can travel to Kenya but must secure Electronic Travel Authorization in advance.

The online eTA allows German citizens to stay in Kenya for up to 3 months, intended for short-term visits.

The tourist eTA for Kenya is valid for 90 days.

German citizens are eligible for the Kenya online eTA, including those with a valid passport (minimum six months validity), no criminal record, and travelling for tourism or to visit family/friends.

No, the Kenya online eTA does not permit employment. Germans looking to work in Kenya need to apply for a specific work visa at their nearest Kenyan Embassy.

Overstaying can lead to fines, penalties, and possible future entry bans to Kenya. It's crucial to adhere to the stay duration specified in the online e-visa.