Kenya eTA Processing Time

Kenya, nestled in the heart of East Africa, is renowned for its unparalleled natural splendour and a rich array of wildlife. Often celebrated as the "Land of the Big Five," this nation is a sanctuary for the majestic lion, buffalo, leopard, rhinoceros, and elephant. It beckons millions of adventurers and nature enthusiasts each year, eager to immerse themselves in Kenya's wild heart.

Embarking on a journey to Kenya requires some essential preparation, with obtaining an eTA being a primary step. The country offers a variety of eTA options, each with its processing timeline. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the nuances of the different types of Kenyan eTAs and provide a straightforward, step-by-step process for application.

So, let's embark on this informative journey together and unlock the secrets to a seamless Kenyan adventure!

Different Types of Kenyan eTAs and Their Processing Time

The Kenyan administration has recently modernized its entry requirement system, transitioning from the conventional e-visa approach. This innovation allows individuals to seamlessly apply for a Kenyan travel permit or eTA via the Internet, offering the convenience of processing your application from any location. There's no longer a physical requirement to visit a Kenyan embassy or consulate. Instead, a simple online.

At present, international travellers have the opportunity to apply for various categories of Kenyan eTAs through this online platform:

Type of Kenya eTA


Processing Time


  • Whether you're longing to embrace family ties, seeking a serene holiday escape, or eager to traverse Kenya's diverse wonders, this eTA is your ticket.
  • This travel permit remains valid for 90 days, offering ample time to soak in the Kenyan experience.

3 - 5 business days (or earlier if you choose the premium processing service)


  • Individuals from abroad interested in engaging in professional or commercial endeavours in Kenya must secure a business eTA.
  • Options include a single-entry eTA, valid for 90 days, and stay permitted within Kenya, which is limited to 90 consecutive days.


  • If you're an international traveller planning to pass through Kenya, securing a transit eTA is essential. Kenya provides a transit visa valid for up to 90 days, granting you a stay of 90 days at a go.

East Africa Tourism

  • The East Africa Tourist eTA is a gateway to a multifaceted adventure across several East African nations, notably Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. Tailor-made for explorers eager to immerse themselves in the diverse wildlife and rich cultural tapestry of East Africa, this eTA facilitates seamless travel across these countries. It offers the flexibility of multiple entries within its 90-day validity.


  • The Kenyan diplomatic eTA is for the members of diplomatic missions and International Organisations accredited to Kenya who are on official duty. It is a single-entry eTA with a validity of 90 days. 


  • Kenya also offers eTA for travellers seeking to enter its territories for medical attention. The medical eTA is also a single-entry travel permit with a validity of 90 days.

Step-by-Step Kenya eTA Application Process

Applying for a Kenya eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) online offers remarkable convenience and flexibility. This user-friendly process is accessible round-the-clock, accommodating applications at any hour and day, perfectly suiting the modern traveller's dynamic schedule. For those requiring urgent eTA processing, we provide an expedited premium service. Nonetheless, securing your eTA 4 to 5 days before your flight date is recommended to ensure a smooth journey.

Here's how you can effortlessly obtain your Kenya eTA in just three straightforward steps:

Our system diligently reviews each application for potential omissions or standard errors. Should any issues be identified in your application, rest assured we'll promptly notify you via email for rectification. Upon correction of these discrepancies, your application progresses to the approval stage. Successful approval culminates directly delivering your eTA to your email address, streamlining your travel preparations.

How Do You Check Kenya's eTA Status After Applying?

Leveraging our state-of-the-art Kenya eTA statustracking services, effortlessly monitoring the progress of your application is now at your fingertips. With just a few clicks, you can navigate through the process seamlessly.

Begin by entering your Application ID – a unique identifier assigned to you, like 'EK1723824EJD', provided immediately upon your online application submission. Next, input your Passport Number, easily located on your passport, to ensure further verification.

These details serve as a key to unlocking real-time updates on your Kenya eTA application status. Once your application receives approval, the convenience extends further - you can directly download the approved document and anticipate its arrival in your email, bringing a hassle-free experience to your doorstep.


An eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) is a digital travel permit required for most visitors to Kenya. It replaces the previous visa system and allows quick and easy online applications.

Most nationalities require an eTA to enter Kenya. You can check the eTA website for a list of exempt countries.

The validity of an eTA depends on the type you apply for. Tourist eTAs are valid for 90 days, while business or transit eTAs may be valid for shorter periods.

You can apply for an eTA online at The process is simple and takes just a few minutes.

You will need a recent passport photo, a scanned copy of your passport, and confirmation of at least two hotel bookings in Kenya.

Standard processing takes three business days, but you can also choose expedited processing for a faster turnaround.

The cost of an eTA depends on the processing time you choose and the type of eTA you apply for.

With a tourist eTA, you can visit Kenya for leisure for up to 90 days. Business eTAs allow for short-term business trips, while transit eTAs are for travellers passing through Kenya to another country.

No, eTAs cannot be extended. You must apply for a visa if you want to stay in Kenya longer than your eTA allows.

Overstaying your eTA may result in fines or even deportation.

You can find more information on the eTA website or contact the Kenyan immigration authorities.

You may need certain vaccinations and other documents, such as travel insurance, before travelling to Kenya. Please check with your doctor or a travel agent for the latest requirements.