Kenya eTA for Green Card Holders

Kenya's recent implementation of the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) system marks a significant advancement in streamlining the entry process for numerous travellers, notably those holding a Green Card. This in-depth article aims to meticulously explore the intricacies of acquiring an eTA for Green Card holders. 

The discussion will be segmented into critical sections for clarity and thorough understanding. Throughout the article, the aim is to provide comprehensive, accurate, and easily understandable information. The goal is to demystify the process of obtaining an eTA for Green Card holders, making their travel planning to Kenya more straightforward and stress-free.

Do Green Card Holders Need an eTA to Enter Kenya?

Green Card holders must obtain an eTA to enter Kenya as of January 05, 2024. 

If you are a Green Card holder planning a trip to Kenya, whether for tourism or business purposes, and your stay is intended for up to 90 days, you must know the specific entry requirements. An eTA is a mandatory pre-travel clearance for all foreign nationals, with few exceptions.

Let's delve into these exceptions to understand who is exempt from this eTA requirement:

How Can I Apply for a Kenya eTA with My Green Card?

The detailed Kenya eTA application process for Green Card holders has been discussed below:

Step 1: Online Application Form Completion

Initiate the process by accessing the online application form. This step involves providing critical personal and travel-related information. It's crucial to enter accurate details, as these will form the foundation of your eTA application. Ensure that your data mirrors the information in your travel documents for consistency.

Step 2: Selection of Processing Time and Document Submission

The next phase lets you choose a processing time that aligns with your travel plans. The system offers various options to cater to diverse needs, from standard to expedited processing. 

Following this, you'll need to upload essential documents. This typically includes your valid passport, a recent photograph, and relevant travel documents. Meticulousness is paramount at this stage – verify all the information and documents before submission. 

Any errors might necessitate a completely new application, as modifications aren't possible once the form is processed. Payment for the application can be made using convenient methods like credit/debit cards or PayPal.

Step 3: Awaiting Confirmation

After submitting your application and payment, the next step is to wait for the confirmation. This will be communicated via email. It's recommended to regularly check your email, including the spam folder, to ensure you get this crucial update.

Post Application Guide for Green Card Holders Entering Kenya

Once you receive the confirmation email, which includes your eTA for Kenya, it's advisable to have a digital copy saved on your mobile device. This precaution ensures easy access to your eTA during your travel, particularly at crucial points like the airport check-in or while interacting with border control officials. A digital copy, alongside your physical passport, streamlines your entry into Kenya, allowing you to embark on your Kenyan adventure with peace of mind.

What is the Kenya eTA Processing Time for Green Card Holders?

Applying for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is a streamlined and efficient process designed to facilitate your travel plans with minimal hassle. Typically, the processing time for eTA applications is impressively swift. 

I am a Green Card Holder. What Documents Should I Submit During My Kenya eTA Application Process?

For a seamless experience in completing your Kenya e-visa application online, it's essential to have these crucial travel documents ready:

Are There Any Additional Considerations for Green Card Holders Entering Kenya?

To ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience during your stay in Kenya, it's crucial to keep the following points in mind:


Indeed, U.S. Green Card holders, like other international travellers, must obtain an eTA for Kenya entry, except if they belong to an exempted category.

U.S. Green Card holders can secure an eTA for Kenya by applying online. The portal for this is the Kenya eTA Portal. The procedure involves submitting details such as your passport information, intended travel dates, and the purpose of your trip.

Apart from the usual eTA application requirements, those with a U.S. Green Card might need to provide extra evidence of their status. This could include a copy of their Green Card or proof of permanent residence in the United States.

Generally, the eTA for Kenya is processed within three business days. However, this duration can vary. Some applications may take longer to process while selecting a premium processing option might result in quicker approval.