Kenya Visa-Free Entry: Your 2024 Guide to the New ETA System!

Kenya Visa-Free Entry: Your 2024 Guide to the New ETA System!

With a slight twist, Kenya's eagerly anticipated visa-free immigration policy has finally been implemented. Global visitors can now enter Kenya for up to 90 days without a visa for business or vacation; however, they must first apply online for a new Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). You can follow this tutorial to learn about the ETA procedure, the required paperwork, and how to apply for Kenya ETA.

Kenya has ushered in a new age in travel by granting visa-free entrance to all foreign nationals, regardless of country, for stays up to 90 days for business or tourism. But as part of this ground-breaking initiative, an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) system has been introduced, guaranteeing a quick and safe admission procedure.

Details of the Visa Waiver

Kenya grants visa-free admission to all foreign nationals, representing a dramatic change in the nation's policies regarding business and tourism. This growth demonstrates Kenya's dedication to creating a friendly tourist atmosphere worldwide.

Kenya Celebrates First Arrivals Without a Visa

On Friday, January 5, Kenya announced the arrival of the first group of international visitors under an innovative and streamlined entrance mechanism despite a brief five-day delay.

This approach, created to streamline and accelerate the admission process, is intended to attract more foreign tourists and contribute to Kenya's burgeoning tourism industry.

Why do you need a Kenya electronic travel authorisation (ETA)?

Although the need for a visa has been removed, visitors not citizens of the East African Community (EAC) must now apply online for an ETA before leaving for Kenya. It can take up to three business days for the government to process it.

East African Community (EAC) Nationals Exempt from ETA:

These ETA requirements do not apply to citizens of Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, & Uganda, among other EAC member nations.

After the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Somalia's petitions to join the EAC are approved, they will also be excluded from this rule.

How do you fill out the Kenya ETA application online?

  • Step 1: Go to the website to get the ETA and register.
  • Step 2: Complete the gaps: Be ready to respond to inquiries concerning your journey, personal information, and travel documents, such as your passport number and expiry date, gender and birth date, etc.
  • Step 3: Wait after paying the fee. Processing time may take 3 to 5 business days but occasionally takes longer. The ETA is a processing that can be completed more quickly for a fee.

Required Documents and Processing Duration for a Kenya ETA

On the website's official fill-up form, you have to give the following details:

General & Nationality details

  • Your passport-type photo
  • Your personal information with contact, address and gender details
  • Emails ID
  • Passport, passport number and photo of passport Bio data page
  • Visa Type
  • Onward ticket

Document details

  • You must give your passport, One ID proof for contact and address details.
  • Airline
  • Financial Documents (based on your citizenship)
  • Flight Number
  • Departure date with the information on the port of arrival and the country you visiting.
  • Any hotel reservation details.

Other Requirements

After document submission, you have to answer some questions about your ETA application like, What are the reasons behind your arrival and your destination country; based on your response, you have to require other documents as per the rules below:

Purpose of visit:

  • Appointment letter of the refreshing doctor or any medical hospital, certifications of vaccinations or test results
  • Invitation to any conference or participation letter details
  • If you are applying for a job or get selected, in that case, an employment contract, proof of employment for resettlement
  • certifications of vaccinations or test results

For Tourists:

  • A passport validity of 6 months after the date you intend to arrive in Kenya
  • Personal information includes contact details, phone number, email address, and passport-style photo.
  • Information about your schedule for arrival and departure
  • Confirmations of hotel reservations Using a credit card, debit card, or other payment method

For family and friends:

  • If you are visiting your family or any friend, an invitation letter from the family/host is required.

For diplomatic:

  • A passport for diplomats, officials, and service is required
  • A formal letter from the Foreign Affairs, Organization, or Country of Origin.

Additional information and details:

You have to answer some yes or no questions about your reason for arrival in Kenya.

  • Have you ever visited Kenya before?
  • Have you travelled to any country in the past 3 years?
  • Is your trip financed by a third party
  • Are you an employer or the government?
  • Have you ever been refused entry or deported by any country?
  • Have you ever been arrested or convicted by the Court of Law of any country?
  • Are you currently suffering from Tuberculosis (TB), or have you been in contact with a person with Tuberculosis(TB)?
  • I have medical insurance, valid in the Republic of Kenya, for the entirety of my trip.
  • Are you bringing currency or monetary instruments over $5,000.00 US (or foreign equivalent) in Kenya?

Please ensure the paper complies with the requirements listed below:

  • Applicants Upload a passport-size photograph in only JPEG and PNG supported. The size has to be 350px x 350px (pixels), and you must upload a clear image. Do not crop your image; otherwise, your eTA application may be denied.
  • The applicant's business cards, travel itinerary letters, and other uploaded documents must all be in English; otherwise, ( the eTA application may be denied). PDF Format is required and Size 10 KB at minimum, 10 MB at maximum
  • Passport Upload: The applicant must upload a photo page of their passport that contains personal information such as their name, nationality, date of birth, expiration date and issue date
  • The submitted passport photo page must match the passport information in the Passport information section. The application may only be accepted if the uploaded document is clear and meets the requirements.

Essential things to remember

  • When applying for an ETA, travellers must submit specific necessary paperwork, such as a passport with one blank page that will remain valid for at least six months after arrival.
  • Personal information and confirmations of reservations for accommodations are required.
  • Some applications might need additional paperwork, like evidence of financial resources and a planned departure strategy.

Processing Time

Your ETAs applications are completed in 3-5 business days; however, the processing time may take longer depending on the applicant's citizenship and other circumstances. For a fee, expedited processing is offered.

The Issuance Procedure

The email verifying the ETA's issue will be sent to the successful applicants. Upon arrival, this confirmation must be printed and given to immigration officials or saved on a compatible smartphone app.

As soon as you have your ETA

  • You can save a soft or hard copy. You must provide your authorisation to immigration officials when you arrive, so always keep it with you.
  • Carry the necessities with you: Pack the standard trip essentials, such as a passport, airline confirmation, and lodging documentation. Business travellers should also bring their company registration paperwork and invitation letter.

Entry Requirements for EAC citizens:

The entry process is more straightforward for EAC citizens since they are exempt from the ETA requirement and can enter Kenya with just their passport or valid travel document.

Validity and Renewal of ETA

Unlike conventional visa programs with multi-year validity, the Kenyan ETA is only suitable for a single journey. Travellers must secure a new ETA for every subsequent trip to the nation.

Change to Electronic Visas( e-visa)

Travellers may keep using their e-visas until they expire if they receive them before the ETA launch. It's important to remember that the e-visa portal will be shut down, which reflects the nation's decision to do away with visa restrictions.

A recent example was the temporary postponement of introducing visa-free entrance because of ongoing changes to the ETA system. The government reassures travellers that the system will soon be operational, offering all visitors to Kenya a more convenient and practical admission experience.

With Kenya's visa-free program now available, visitors are urged to take advantage of the exciting adventures this hidden jewel in East Africa offers while keeping up with the always-changing rules.


Q1. What is the Kenya ETA?

Ans. Introduced in January 2024, the Kenya Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) is a new mechanism for applying online for authorisation to travel to Kenya. ETA is designed for single-entry use and spreads to various purposes such as tourism, business activities, and visiting family. It's important to note that the ETA is exclusively for visiting Kenya and does not permit entry into other African countries. It replaces the previous visa process.

Q2. How much does a Kenya ETA cost?

Ans. There are 3 types of processing fees included with the Kenya ETA standard: urgent and super urgent. Kenya's ETA's cost constantly fluctuates; hence, it is difficult to calculate the total ETA amount. Cost can vary as per the processing fee.

Q3. Can I extend my Kenya ETA stay?

Ans. Yes, extending Kenya's stay longer than the 90 days allowed by an eTA is possible, although the procedure is usually complicated. To learn more about your alternatives and the conditions for obtaining an extension, get in touch with Kenyan immigration officials well in advance of the day on which your eTA expires.




To obtain a eTA for Kenya

  • Step1: Complete the online application by providing your passport details
  • Step2: Submit payment online using a credit card.
  • Step3: Monitor your email for confirmation of payment and receipt of your eTA, which will be sent electronically.
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